Change at a long-standing Portland institution

In late 2010, the YWCA of Greater Portland was ready to announce the dramatic changes it would be making to its services and facilities structure in order to undertake a reinvention of the hundred-year-old plus institution. The Executive Director brought me on board to develop an internal talking point guide and a public letter that would be used with multiple stakeholders to announce the changes.

The YWCA was committed to being transparent about the changes and the reasoning behind them. This commitment made it much easier to keep the focus on illustrating the strategic reasons behind the changes and highlighting the potential that the reinvention could bring.

This project combined elements of strategic planning, crisis communications and public relations.

Attached is the two-page flyer.

WUSATA WEB – A New Way to Engage Stakeholders

In 2011, the Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) prepared to launch their new website. The new site would introduce intuitive navigation and a new level of technology tools on both the front and back end. WUSATA brought me on board to create a campaign that would launch not just a new website, but also a new way of engaging with their core audiences.

I created a multi-phased campaign that would prepare WUSATA’s constituents for major layout and functionality changes, introduce features and benefits of the site, and encourage registration for a My WUSATA account. The free account provides access to one of the site’s core feature, a tailored portal that delivers content according to audience-type. The campaign also included a series of short website tutorials, which walks visitors through the top features of the site as they become more familiar with the new layout and navigation.

My deliverables for this project encompassed a wide range of materials.

  • WUSATA WEB Messaging Overview
  • User testimonials
  • Printed Mailers
  • E-newsletter template and content
  • Media outreach
  • State member toolkit
  • Tutorial videos (wrote and narrated)