Plan it |

So, you have a brand platform.  Now what?

Well, what are your goals? To increase sales, build awareness or be a category influencer?  A strategic communications plan gets you organized, and it doesn’t need to be complicated  to be effective. A realistic plan will keep you and your team focused on the same goals, allowing you to resist the urge to go after all. the. shiny. things. our digital landscape has to offer!

Strategic Planning | Quarterly or Annual plans
Hourly Consultation | Ongoing or multiple-hour packs

Build it |

Does your story roll off your tongue? Wait, back up. Do you know your story, or your brand? Bringing a fresh perspective, and working collaboratively with you and your team, I’ll help you identify your brand platform, your audiences, your story lines and the most effective channels that will raise the value and awareness of your brand. A communications landscape assessment looks at and evaluates all your existing content to see what’s working, and what isn’t.  I help you identify your main storylines, your tone and your unique position in your category.

Communication Landscape Assessment | Stakeholder Identification | Brand Discovery | Messaging Platforms | Story Development

Tell it |

Brand platform? Got it. Communication Plan? Check. Your foundation is in place. Now what?

How are you engaging your target audience? Strategically or whenever you can find five minutes? If it’s the latter, it may be time to outsource! I create owned content with an appropriate, approachable tone and a realistic cadence to the audience and delivery channel.

More than just hitting a word count or character limit, I craft messages so they align with your strategic goals. I help you take your ongoing or special project communications from here to there.

Content Calendar | Storyline Matrix | Message Development

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Success Stories | Blog Posts | Executive Communications | Award Nominations
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