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Tonkon Torp Unveils Shareholder Disputes & Governance Practice Group

PORTLAND, Ore. (February 22, 2022) Tonkon Torp has launched a new practice group, Shareholder Disputes & Governance. The practice group brings together attorneys from the firm’s Litigation and Business Departments to resolve business disputes among partners, shareholders, managers, or other stakeholders. The hybrid practice group is co-chaired by partners Jeff Cronn and Anna Sortun.

The ability to seamlessly convene litigation and business expertise to resolve shareholder disputes is a reflection of Tonkon Torp’s long held collaborative approach to providing solutions for clients.

“Business disputes, especially for closely held companies, have significant financial stakes and can be intensely personal,” said Cronn. “Since a shareholder dispute often involves complex business and financial matters, we create teams that may include a litigator, a tax lawyer, a corporate expert, a commercial contract lawyer, a mergers and acquisitions professional, or other specialists in our business department, to most effectively achieve the goals of our clients.”

Taking a holistic approach to resolving business disputes and breakups helps to avoid the need for inefficient and uncertain litigation. It can reduce conflict and preserve relationships. When ownership and control are on the table, taking time to explore multiple pathways to resolution often achieves best outcomes.

“Collaboration between litigation and business experts helps us to step back and find the most efficient path to achieve the specific goal in front of us,” added Sortun. “We have talented attorneys on our teams, and by not exclusively leaning on the litigation process, we have found many creative pathways for our clients that aren’t immediately obvious. And, of course, when it’s time to go to court, we are fully prepared and effective.”

Examples of work completed by the Shareholder Disputes & Governance Practice Group are located at the group’s page on tonkon.com.

About Tonkon Torp

Tonkon Torp LLP is a leading business and litigation law firm serving public companies, substantial private enterprises, entrepreneurial businesses, and individuals throughout the Northwest. For more information, visit tonkon.com.

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Face Rock Creamery Introduces Face2Face Mixed Milk Cheddar
Cow and Sheep Milk Meet Common Ground in Artfully Blended Aged Cheddar

BANDON, Ore. (August 3, 2020) – Face Rock Creamery announces the launch of Face2Face, its first mixed-milk cheddar. The 12-month aged cheddar is made from a perfectly balanced blend of milk sourced from cow and sheep farmers located on the Southern Oregon coast.

“Keeping our production local and supporting small Oregon dairy farmers is at the heart of our creamery. So we’re thrilled to be able to get our cow’s milk 15 miles east of the creamery, and our sheep’s milk is just 15 miles south,” shared Face Rock President Greg Drobot. “In Face2Face, our cheesemaking mastermind Brad Sinko has brought together the best elements of cow and sheep cheddars, and we’re excited to get this cheese out to everyone.”

For their sheep milk, Face Rock has partnered with Woodrow Farms Sheep Dairy in Langlois, Oregon. Farming entrepreneurs Woody Babcock and Cora Wahl opened their sheep dairy parlor in 2018 and are currently milking 200 Friesian ewes. Similar to its long-standing relationship with the Milk-E-Way Dairy, a
Holstein and Brown Swiss herd owned by the Scolari family in the Coquille Valley, Face Rock enters into an annual contract for milk produced by Woodrow’s herd. This is a beneficial relationship that shields both the creamery and the farmers from the vagaries of market-rate purchasing and allows the farmers to better forecast for growth and production.

“Working with Face Rock Creamery, right down the road, is about as good as it gets,” shared Babcock. “It’s
convenient and we get to try the product in our own community first! Having the support of Face Rock made our start up possible. We wouldn’t have been able to launch the dairy if it weren’t for them jumping on board to work with our milk.”

Face2Face is a beautifully balanced cheddar that offers a dense, creamy base from high butterfat cow milk and a slight salty piquancy from the sheep milk. Face2Face is available in 6 oz. and 8 oz. blocks for retail and direct consumer sales, and 9 lb. loafs for foodservice. It’s also available as a compact 7 lb. clothbound wheel, aged for a minimum of 13-months. Face Rock takes a unique approach to its clothbound process by coating the wheels in butter made on site at the creamery using the same milk that goes into the cheese.

About Face Rock Creamery
Launched in 2013, Face Rock Creamery makes fine cheddar and Fromage Blanc in the southern coastal town of Bandon, Oregon, an area known for cheese making since the 1880s. Face Rock cheese is available at the creamery, through the online store, and in retail locations across a growing swath of the United States.

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